Outlook Automation using Powershell

Although Microsoft does not recommend unattended automation of its office products, we can leverage powershell at automating some common outlook related operations.

Searching for a particular subject line and then downloading its attachments

$date = get-date -format d

$filepath = "C:\attachments\"
$attr = $date+"_report.csv"
$path = Join-Path $filepath $attr

$olFolderInbox = 6
[threading.thread]::CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = 'en-US'
$outlook = new-object -com outlook.application;
$ns = $outlook.GetNameSpace("MAPI");
$inbox = $ns.GetDefaultFolder($olFolderInbox)
$messages = $inbox.items

foreach($message in $messages){
$msubject = $message.subject
write-host "Messages Subject: $msubject"

if ($msubject.contains("Daily Report")){
$message.attachments|foreach {
Write-Host $_.filename
Write-Host "Attachment is saved at $path"
$TargetFolder = $inbox.Folders.Item('Processed')

Prior to running above script we must create a folder “Processed” under “Inbox” of Outlook. Also we may have a hard time scheduling this on task scheduler as the account from which the script runs, should be logged in.

Sending Mail

$From = "abc@company.com"
$to = "xyz@company.com"
$Cc = "pqr@company.com"

$Subject = "Daily Report"
$Body = "PFA The Excel Report containing details."
$SMTPServer = "server01.company.corp"

Send-MailMessage -From $From -to $To -Cc $Cc -Subject $Subject `
-Body $Body -SmtpServer $SMTPServer -Attachments $path

write-host "Mail sent with report attached"

In above script we have not made use of COM object. As a result we can use this as unattended script scheduled on task scheduler. Also the execution is fast.

Now the same task can also be done via COM object as can be seen below.

$Username = "MyUserName";
$Password= "MyPassword";

function Send-ToEmail([string]$email, [string]$attachmentpath){

    $message = new-object Net.Mail.MailMessage;
    $message.From = "YourName@gmail.com";
    $message.Subject = "subject text here...";
    $message.Body = "body text here...";
    $attachment = New-Object Net.Mail.Attachment($attachmentpath);

    $smtp = new-object Net.Mail.SmtpClient("smtp.gmail.com", "587");
    $smtp.EnableSSL = $true;
    $smtp.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential($Username, $Password);
    write-host "Mail Sent" ; 
Send-ToEmail  -email "reciever@gmail.com" -attachmentpath $path;

The above script has been taken from a solution posted in how to send email with powershell